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Election System&Service

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Cyber Election and Counting PX-C1

    The system uses high-speed parallel scanning & real time processing and integrated CIS, OMR, image form recognition, segmentation & merging and compressing which can process mass data and applies to various vote and data processing. 

   The system is formed by subsystem of PX-C1 E-ballot boxes, election & counting control software, election design software, election form generation software, other candidate selection processing software and election output software; it uses image capture & compress, image processing to recognize tickets and capture the handwriting of other candidates; it uses network technique and access to realize the exchange of data and image between ballot boxes and server; to realize the process of other candidates and recognition of invalid tickets; to form result documents automatically, or print and save. It has the function of avoid double tickets, recognize and divide tickets.  

   The system uses high-speed image scan and real time process technology to realize the high-speed scan of both sides of the ticket and the compress & transmission of image & data; it uses image process & recognition technique to identify the ticket information. Election control software makes real time supervision and management of the server and ballot box to control the process and deals with the result finally. Election design software can form the ticket format of the meeting automatically according to the requirement of the meeting agenda, the format software serves for ballot boxes and subsystems. The system used architectural design of double engines, real time, modularity and fault-tolerant technology to improve the reliability. 


Advanced techniques: high-speed parallel scan, high-speed real time transmission, real time check & correct of hardware, multiple CPU processing.

Outstanding performance: OMR ballot ticket which can recognize any density, support image output of any area on the ticket.

Steady & reliable: it has steady and reliable performance with average mean free error time of more than 8,000 hours.

Accurate and correct: none mistake of results for a thousand of meetings.

Real time & convenient: the result can be known after the voting of thousands of people.

Economical & effective: meeting costs can be reduced as the efficiency is improved largely from manual counting.  

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