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Intelligent Recording and Broadcasting System

   Intelligent Recording and Broadcasting System constructs a high-tech SI system integrated network technique, audio & video technique, multimedia technique, environment control technique and software application technique. The building of recording and broadcasting system is an important part of teaching quality and teaching reform project in Ministry of Education, and it can meet the demand of intelligent multi-media recording and broadcasting system and provide intelligent, networked and resource generated teaching environment. It pays attention to optimize combination and use function, combined function with application management and supports the system expansion and update as advanced technique can be used in the system with good performance.   

I Achieving target: 

Accomplish the record of national excellent course and provincial excellent course and develop excellent and key teachers;

Accomplish the record of national excellent course and provincial excellent course and develop excellent and key teachers;

Construct a network platform for learning and reference to share teaching resource;

Collect excellent lecture to increase users and improve resource quality;

Build on-line learning platform to realize self-learning and action learning environment with the best resource.

Build free-time learning on demand to improve the class teaching. 

Other application fields:  

 Network courseware making, excellent course construction;

  Microformats classroom building;

  Network distance education;

  Live and record broadcasting of report and meeting;

  Polytropic education discussing;

  Teaching result construction of excellent teachers;

  Teaching management and appraisal;

  Network self-teaching management;

  Construction and share of excellent dynamic educational resource;    

II. Total solution of record & broadcasting campus 

III. Major advantage 

(1) SIR: SIR technique integrated computer technique and AIT which can support VGA image collection of all VGA output devices devices not only includes PC, White/ITV and digital stand based on Windows, but also includes popular iPad and tablet PC based on Android, WebOS, Meego. It has fine device independence without equipment compatibility to ensure the effectiveness of the investment. 

(2) Student image identification: it uses body bionics technique and refers to binocular distance measurement principle to collect and analyze on images of two students through analyzing prism. It uses artificial intelligence algorithm to measure the distance of students stand up and sit down and ensure the camera feature correct.  

(3) Humanized strategy: intelligent exchange of close shot and medium shot, estimate number of people in the platform area and autocall reasonable tracking strategy. For instance: close shot will be used to track teacher when only the teacher in the area; medium shot even prospect will be used when more than two people appeared in the platform area.  

(4) Automatic tracking, fast moving non-volatile character and high anti-interference As the pre-collect unit of teacher image collection, analyzing prism always collect panoramic picture which used for basis of tracking system to make close-up track. It uses independent camera as analyzing prism and its construction of detached analyzing prism and main camera will be benefit for overall tracking system. 

(5) High definition or standard definition record: It applies HD & SD camera and broadcasting capture card with clear image, shakeless and plentiful connectors. 

(6) Wide dynamic shakeless technique: the system has wide dynamic shakeless technique when it detects and tracks the teachers. It can ignore the motion tracking (like movement in place) to ensure the steady, continuation and smooth of the images. 

(7) Multi-image and single document: it can integrate movie mode and resource mode with advantages of tripic image and movie mode.   

Record and broadcast network structure  

The chart below shows the network connection of the system:  


Contact: WANG, Luhan  Tel:85056671  Call:18615407639 

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