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Resource Sharing G-Cloud Solution

System Introduction
   Learning resource sharing platform includes video courseware resource, non-video learning resource and platform management. Plenty and complete courseware resources can be supported with wide and comprehensive teaching materials for several subjects of primary school and high school. It can support standard courseware resources and offer on-line transcode tool for users’ requirements; non-video resources totally opened to support on-line studying of documents including PPT, word and PDF. Management system contains audit, search, flow, distribute, resource control, monitor record and release control.

Resource Sharing G-Cloud Solution

Resource Sharing Platform Work Flow

The System leads the G-Cloud Times With Nine advantages
 Multi-terminal Expand, the platform applied multi-terminal to promulgate engine. It can not only support traditional PC terminal, but also support internet TV, STB+TV, smart phone and tablet PC and it can update to more terminals smoothly.
 The collection of massive resource: The system can collect several resources and it can support resources with different forms, different types and different sources to integrate transcode and edit. It can also support batch import and export of resources.
 It has functions of on-line parents meeting, lesson planning cooperation and collective lesson planning.
 Video courseware resources are made according to excellent courseware making standard; PPT, Word and relative courseware resources are made according to relative assessment standard and rules of Ministry of Education.
  It offers on-line editing for the exchanging between students and teachers.
  Auto merge and filing of courseware resources and documents of the same subject.
  Efficient searching- it supports searching according to letters, subjects, time and regions and ranking for click, download and mutual evaluation.
  The system applies the rapid developed Cloud storage technique and Cloud computing technique based on P2P&CDN concurrency streaming media techinique.
  Standardized connection----standard soft hardware API connection, middleware connection, the third-party system connection and application service connection.
  Access seamless interact G-Cloud Class

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