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  • Election system﹠service
  • Educational facility
  • SI products
  • IT products﹠service
  • Power information collection
  • Laser CNC equipment
  • Tobacco products
  • Property management service
Election System & Service
As one of the major products of Soullon, CCMS is a large scaled SI networked product which can help delegates to check in, elect and vote and with computer management of meeting informatization.
Educational facility
Make comprehensive services to educational industry. Serve solutions on customer demand and make long-term after-sale technical service and project support to improve the informatization of educational industry.
SI products
Provide network construction and SI for government, finance, social security and tobacco informatization. Offer integrate solution, mature products and professional technical service for customer demand.
IT products﹠service
With a professional purchase, marketing and service system of experienced customer manager, skilled service engineer and professional logistics to offer general after sales service and project support.
Power consumption collection equipment
With complete, outstanding and steady technical proposal to collect, handle and monitor power consumption of consumers; make efforts to popularization and application of new standard of power information acquisition and management from SGCC.
Laser CNC equipment
SDMJ01Automatic Woodhouse Production is special for woodhouse design and manufacture from SGC woodhouse golden pieces patented technology with reduced operating costs through the combination of manufacturing unit.

As a developer and producer agricultural product acquisition computer system and a major supplier of tobacco auto control system, Soullon pay attention to tobacco informatization software and hardware development.

We offer professional property service with a spirit of “excellence and honesty in service”, a purpose of “service and customers first” and a management of “MBWA and OSOS”.

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