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Soullon Takes Outdoor Training in Youya Ridge,Zibo


    June 16, 2013, 4:00 P.M., in front of the graduation wall of Zibo Youya Ridge Outdoor Training Base, when Zhou Lusheng, the last member, jumped up to grasp the arms of Luo Xu who was hanging upside down on the 4.3 meters-high wall on the help of other teammates, everyone held their breath, and then cheers ring out when the two people get over successfully. We did it! Only 34 seconds! All of 80 members of Shanda Luneng have get over the graduation wall, and showed the strength and spirit of “Never give up, never back off” with their cooperation and perfect performance which gave a satisfactory end for the training.

    More than 80 members divided into 5 groups took the training of seven items including “Cutoff Bridge”, “Back-breaker”, and “Survive on an island”, “Blind array”, “Exact Man”, “Rush 60 seconds” and “Escaping Wall” with small group activities during two days of June 15 and 16. Everybody was full of confidence and courage as we challenged our limitation, also we realized the importance of plan, negotiation, abidance, time control and cooperation; we rethought about our work through the activity and realized the truth of life in laughter and tears.

    The uniformed warm up activity under the sun, the jumping on the cutoff bridge, the calm face when fade away on the arms of teammates, the dedicated eyes, the singing competition between five teams, the speculating eyes and the “prize” when failed the task…, all of the scenes presented in our brain and a sense of proud and group honor appeared with the song of “I Believe”. Thunderous applause rose when the mark of   appeared on the screen. Tears filled in our eyes and we will remember throughout our lives that moment!

    Shanda Luneng is the best team and we are proud to be in this group. We will make efforts to Shanda Luneng with our passion & responsibility, innovation & cooperation, tenacity & devotion and persistent & honesty.


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Blind array

Exact man

Survive on an island

Escaping wall

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