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Soullon Shows on the Three Major Laser Exhibitions

   Shanda Luneng showed on Tianjin Machine Tool Exhibition, Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Industry Exposition and Jinan Machine Tool Exhibition with its "Yimeike" laser machine in spring March, set up a new journey in 2013 with new hope.

   The 9th China (Tianjin) International Machine Tool Exhibition was held in Tianjin Meijiang Exhibition Center during March 6th to 9th which attracted more than 1,200 companies from 20 countries and areas all over the world with its grand scale and high-end auto facilities. As the most strengthen exhibitor in the field, Shanda Luneng brought "Yimeike" laser machine in the exhibition and visitors were all favored at the product, local agents came over to negotiate with our staffs at night, expressed the confidence to our products and the bright future to our development in Tianjin. The complete success of the exhibition gave an excellent experience for our publicity in 2013.

   Shanda Luneng showed on Western China (Xi'an) International Equipment Manufacturing Industry Exposition during March 14th to 17th.As the largest professional exhibition held by the government, it attracted many provinces and international brand to show up in group. Our "Flying" exhibit stand amazed the exhibition in a special way. YAG laser cutting machine presentation has attracted many visitors as local agents and end-users came over to consult. Leaders from Shandong Economic and Information Commission, Shandong Engineering Industry Association visited the exhibition and spoke highly of our brand and products. The success of the exhibition strongly supported us to develop in western China.

   Meanwhile, Kinno 2013 The 16th Jinan International Machine Tool Mould Automation Exhibition, the largest and influential machine tool meeting, was held in Jinan International Convention Center during March 15th to 17th. As one of the host, Shanda Luneng brought "Yimeike" YAG laser cutting machine and optical laser cutting machine which attracted visitors from Shandong and Hebei, and Hebei customers made order right on the exhibition. The laser cutting machine presentation showed our achievement in the field with our brand advantages and characteristics.

    The three exhibitions achieved complete success with the attention and careful arrangement from the leaders and the efforts from all the departments, which also made a good start for 2013 for Shanda Luneng.

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